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Monday 23 October, 2017


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Pearly pink blush round glass beads 6mm, 26g
Pearly pink blush round glass beads 6mm, 26g
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News is move to netstores first page.

We got a last minute cancellation on the cottage ... so I snuck a summer holiday for the weekend!
:P   Wednesday through Sunday orders will be mailed on Monday, first with a little bit of a surprise ... I apologize for having to wait!

From next week our warehouse is open on Tuesdays (except public holidays) all day long ... 10-19!
On other days, possibly by appointment ...
If you pay cash you get Customer Loyalty discount of 5% on all other except ArtClayn products and tools, as well as for the reduced products.
Card payment is successful the normal price ...


Oih! I forget one sim card for my bank card device... :( ...please, Would you take the cash that when you come to shop Kornetintie.

IdänHelmi´s AUTUMN SEASON OPENING ... because we are NOT involved in the Wanha Satama of handicraft fairs so we start the fall season at the same time our webstore side on Saturday, 08/02/2014 at 10 am -> ... and here Pitäjänmäki, Kornetintie 10, doors are open MONDAY AND TUESDAY 4.8-5.8.2014 at 12 - 19!
(Refreshments will be served and offer prices in here...)
Because our customers are now more directions to here Kornetintie the same theme will also be the online store, but it further guidance on Saturday morning ...

Last of case furniture is now in position of Kornetintie! : D
Still electrical works in them and then I can get to put all the products to their final places ...: P
Opening of here are thought schedule the the first half of August, but we give more details next week ... So stay tuned! :)

We open up the boxes of products ... online orders will be processed normally again!

Our new phone number!!! 045 311 0990045 311 0990

Unfortunately, due to the move we will have to keep a week break from online orders, mailings ... ie no later than Sunday, 29.06. morning at 6:00 at the latest ordered and paid orders piled up on the same road, and will be mailed on Monday. After that came the orders piled up and mailed to the new premises immediately after unloading the boxes, but no later than Tues 08.07.2014.

The lease has now been signed ...
IdänHelmi to move Pitäjänmäki Kornettitie 10 3s office building floor (elevator is available). It is about 100m from the valimotie stop when the road will be in the center.

Our store is now a cash discount of -10% over the 5, - shopping at Juhannus! (Does not apply to Jaana Teeri`s little girls, and ArtClayn products ... sorry.) Debit card purchases is norm prices ...

Internet sales
orders for customers all sorts of special gift, which is not necessarily going to the shop in the sale of a limited number of, but can be found in the shop ...

After the "
Juhannus" we operate only online store the summer... we will open store until the new premises in late summer / early autumn.

Shop is closed today... I am tutoring in jewelry course to customers place.
Sorry... But you are wellcome tomorrow or rest of the week! :)

Hämeentie shop is open this week ONLY thursday!!!

Hämeentie shop is closed fr 28.2. - sat 1.3.!
We are in Wanha satama handcraft fair this weekend at 10-17 o'clock. A-hall place 15.

Hämeentie shop is open normaly for 21.12.2013.
22.12.2013 - 2.1.2014 Shop is closed.
Friday 27.12. and monday 30.12. I paggage netstore orders.

Hämeentie shop is closed 7.12.2013

Tomorrow wednesday hämeentie shop is closed, because I am with my customers place in tyhy-day.

Hämeentie shop is closed today... Iam so sorry!
Tomorrow thursday we are open normaly.

Our bankcard machine is broken in shop... Please, can you take money with you when you are come shoping here today or tomorrow.

Next week Hämeentie shop is open only wednesday 13.11.2013!!!
14.-17.11. we are in Tampereen handgraft fair!

Friday 4.10. I closed hämeentie shop earlier... at 16:00!!!

14.-15.9.2013 we are in WanhaSatama handgraft fair at 10-17 o´clock!
Thats why hämeentie shop is closed by fr 13.9. and 14.9.

Today I closed hämeentie shop at 14:00 o´clock!!!

IdänHelmi Summer holidays ...
Our hämeentie shop will be closed July 14 to August 13, 2013. BUT ...
14 to 29.7. I mail netstore orders the day after. You can come shop by appointment (in the evening around 19-20), ONLY sms 041-430 66 40.
30.7.-5.8. I am "selfish" holyday trip, when I do not get caught!  During your stay online orders made ​​in leaving their journey home 6.7. 2013...
6.-13.8. I mail you the day after ordering online and shopping is possible to get an appointment ...
Summer hollyday Sale from 13 to 29/07/2013 Nearly all products from -10 to 30%!
So wonderful sparkling summer for all! ;)

Phone working again! :)

Phone number is temporary ... if you must call me.

Hämeentie shop is open today 12.6. only at 17-18 o´clock!!!

Next saturday 1.6.2013 Hämeentie shop is closed!!!

Summer jewelry courses is available!!!

Our hämeentie shop is open by:
30.4. at 12-16 o´clock
1.5. closed because Wappu
2.-3.5. open normaly 12-18
4.5. closed!

Next saturday 27.4.2013 Hämeentie shop is closed!
We are for Korukarnevaali!

Hämeentie shop new open time:
Tuesday - Friday from 12 to 18
Saturday 11-15
Exceptions will be posted here on the news and FB fan pages

Tomorrow 11.4. I open hämeentie shop at 13:00
Friday hämeentie shop is open normaly!

Tomorrow friday I open Hämeentie shop 13-19.

Next weekend we are Lahtis gemstone and bead fair in Lahti Jokimaa race-center!
More information... in finnish...
Our Hämeentie store is closed by friday and saturday 22.-23.3.

International womens day special offer...
Net store order with out delivery price if you pay Verkkomaksu or Everyday bill. (Remember to choose delivery status at the end "nouto liikkeestä".)
Our hämeentie shop or lahti bead fair in 23.-24.3.2013 customer who pay in cash -5%.
Bank card payment is normal price.

Next weeks hämentie shop is open only...
5.-8.3.2013 at 16:30 to 19:00 o´clock.
11.-15.3.2013 at 16:00 to 19:00 o´clock.
saturdays normaly at 10-14 o´clock

In this week hämeentie shop is...
Tomorrow 27.2. we are open at 13:00-19:00
Friday 1. - saturday 2.2.2013 Hämeentie shop is closed!!!
Next weekend we are Wanha Satama´s handicraft Fair 2.-3.2.2013 at 10-17 o´clock!!!
Our fair department is A-hall place 15.
See you there... :)

Tomorrow, Wednesday 30.1.2013 I have exceptionally close Hämeentie store at 17:00! :(

Next friday 25.1. I closed Hämeentie shop at 18:00 o´clock.

IdänHelmi have January SALE!!! For end of month.
Only silver, ArtClay and metal wires do not belong among the sale...
Sale is about 10-30% (most is 20%).

Saturday 19.1.2013 Hämeentie shop is open at 13-15 o´clock!!!

This week IdänHelmi Shop in Hämeentie is open normaly and
on Sunday
23.12.2012 at 12-16 o´clock.
24.12.2012 - 1.1.2013 our shop is closed (I come on Thursday or Friday pile up any online store orders).

Tomorrow 5.12. we will open the exceptionally at 14:00 o´clock and shut down 19:00.

Thursday 6.12.2012 our Hämeentie shop is closed.
Friday and saturday we are open normaly.
Welcome! :)

Next weekend we are Tampere Handicrafts fair in 16.-18.11.2012
trade fair stand is located in C-Hall place 810.
Wellcome as there! :)

That´s why hämeentie shop is closed at 15.-17.11.2012!

ELISA repaired they mistake and phone and bank card machine woks normaly! :)

Our phone is temporarily closed by ELISAs mistake.
Sorry for the situation!

Hämeentie shop is open at 11:00 o´clock.

14.-09.23.2012 entered into between orders (and paid well!) According receive the order total, calculated a 20% surprise package with the IH's current and future products! : P

14.-24.9.2012 IdänHelmi´s hämeentie shop is closed.
During that time, made ​​the online store's shopping delivered to the customer between 24 to 25.9.2012. I apologize for the extra waiting!

IdänHelmi´s hämeentie Shop is closed 7.-8.9.2012!!!
We are in fair at Wanha Satama.

Hämeentie shop is closed at 23.-29.7.2012
Net store is open normaly.

Acquired in the spring of silver wire will be coming to an end, so I collect new pre-order interested in silver wire. My goal is to have a good team together again, in order to acquire silver wire as cheaply as possible! : P
Registration time is (due to summer holidays) at 6.elokuuta 2012! The wire thickness can be made through semi-hard / hard and soft: 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 1 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm. 2mm just soft. Please send your pre-order to me by e-mail ONLY hopeapolku(a)!
Put the letter, the number of meters/ thickness, what would you softness you like, as well as your name and address.
In the second week of August, I will return to your e-mail and I declare under the total amount and timing pre-order complete the entry.
Pre-order involved in the spring receiving mm. 1mm silver wire 10.-/meter ... considered to see if we turned down an even bigger crowd (?) and will follow closely the silver price exchange rate (hopefully nothing world-changing does not happen then!?) ... and the final total cost of the lowest possible cost to all silver thread! : P

Hämeentie shop is open at juhannus week...
Thu 21.6. open at 12-17 o´clock
Fri 22. and sat 23.6. shop is closed

Summer sale at 25.6.2012

Today I must closed Hämeentie shop at 18:00 o´clock. :(

Next saturdays 12.5 and 19.5. we have here bead workshop at 12-15 for children and the young at heart. Children under 12 years with parent, please.  

Next tuesday 1.5. Hämeentie shop is closed!
Happy Wappu day!!! :D

Next weekend 28.-29.4.2012 IdänHelmi is Helsingin Messukeskus (fair center) exhibition stand in 3-Hall 3b4.
Friday 27. and saturday 28.4. Hämeentie shop is closed!!!

Easter in honor of the IdänHelmi all the threads are 10-30% of the offer. Offer ends 9.4. at 22:00.
Happy Easter time!

Hämeentie shop is closed at 6.4. - 9.4.2012

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Next weekend 17.-18.3.2012 at 10-17 o´clock we are Lahtis Bead fair in Jokimaa ravikeskus, Lahti.
Welcome there!
Hämeentie shop is closed friday 16.3. and saturday 17.3.2012.

IdänHelmi´s nethotel upgrade their servers at next weekend between Friday 16th and Sunday 18th, March. The upgrade process will start at nighttime, which will cause short shortages on each of our servers during the Friday and Sunday nights.

Next weekend IdänHelmi are WanhaSatama Kädentaito fair!
Welcome our stand at A15!
Because of fair Hämeentie shop will be closed
On Friday 2. - Saturday 3.3.2012

Happy Valentine´s day!!!
Today in net store and Hämeentie store customers receive a surprise gift.

Hämeentie Shop is closed by fr 3.- sat 4.2.2012
We travel to HelmiPlaneetta (BeadPlanet) fair at 11-17 o´clock in Kirkkonummi, Masala
Address for there is Aktia Sport Center, Masalantie 346 (02430 Masala)
Welcome on board! ;)

Yesterday I made changes to the delivery methods ... the customer can choose whether he wants to get their orders 1lk mail € 2.50, or slightly slower 2lk mail € 1.50!
Yesterday I managed to somehow wrong the prices... and I got the feedback.
Hopefully, the prices are right now!?

Spring jewelry courses is start at tuesday 31.1.2012 and from then on every Tuesdays!

Winter SALE is open!

Friday 6.1. Hämeentie shop is closed.
Saturday 7.1. the shop is open normaly at 10-14.


Important to send at IdänHelmi orders... last delivery day is tu 20.12.2011.

Hämeentie Shop is closed by Christmas and New Year's Eve 24.12 and 31.12.
Workdays shop is open normaly! :)

Tomorrow tuesday 29.11. Hämeentie shop is open only at 17-19 o´clock, because I have
unexpected business run.

23.11.2011 Hämeentie Shop is closed to 15-17:30 because of tailord jewelry course for customer!

Tomorrow is holy day so Hämeentie Shop is Closed.

This thursday we closed Hämeentie Shop at 17:00 o´clock!!!
Because customers tailord jewellry course is 17-19 o´clock.

Next 3 weeks Hämeentie Shop is open only tuesday, wednesday and thursday because we participate in the following trade fairs!
10.-11.9. Wanha Satama Hand craft fair
17.9. HelmiPlaneetta (BeadPlanet) at Kirkkonummi, Masala
24.-25.9. Bead fair in Lahti, Jokimaa

Today I must close the HämeentieShop at 18:30!

Our autumn Fair will open from 27 to 28.8. A Passion for Craft (Intohimona Askartelu) named event. The venue is Suvilahti the Boiler Hall (Kattilahalli). Therefore Hämeentie store will be closed on Friday, 26.8. for Department of Building and on Saturday the day of the fair.
Welcome to our stand in fair! :)

Our WebHotel want´s to upgrade all of their servers between Friday 15th July and Monday 18th July 2011. The upgrade process will be executed during nighttime at 23 to 07 o´clock. During the upgrade process the server control panel, web sites and e-mails may be inaccessible couple of hours, but they should recover back to normal operational stage by the next morning.

Moving Sale for IdänHelmi up to 21.7.2011! Almost all the IdänHelmi´s products is -20% discount!
Same Sale is Sture´s store too... :)

Sture´s store is open tomorrow at 12-19 o´clock.

I planing the summer challenge competition... more curious can read some of it for IH:s FB-fan page...!/pages/Id%C3%A4n-Helmi/110722558943339

This week thursday is holy day, so Sture shop is closed then. Thursday morning I pack this week's last orders and ship them. Orders after that will be sent at next monday.

Today is last day to vote best spring flower in IdänHelmi. Look at finnish competition page where flowers are and send your vote number to !!!
All voting person part with 15, - euro gift card draw at saturday!

Few customer have a problem with discount code... :(
If that happend to you... end the order to ennakkotilisiirto!
I calculate the discount price and send it to you at email.

If you read this news and you are customer of IdänHelmi, you can made on order with -20% discount over 15,-€ ordering if you using next kode MomIH080511 !!! Offer is valid from 8.5.2011. You can use the kode only one time.

Today is IdänHelmi`s a free beading evening in Sturenkatu 35.A... bring you own projects! :)

IdänHelmi wish Sparkling Labor Day to everyone!

We are open normaly at tomorrow (thursday) 12-20 o´clock and next tuesday 16-20.
Welcome! :)

Next weekend (16.-17.4.) we are Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre at PetExpo.  Fairs is open at 9-18 o´clock. Our tables is 5D40.
With us is a different jewelrys as well as a variety of bead blends, which can itself produce their own of jewelry for less!

Today is first beading evening in IdänHelmi!
place is Sturenkatu 35.A (street level) and time 17-20  o´clock.

This friday (25.3.) customers order will be compiled and sent to customer at next monday, because we are building our bead fair department in Lahti at friday. 

This week thursday 24.3. Sture shop is open only at 12-18:30 o´clock!!!

Last fair weekend spectacular deals are continuing our store in Sturenkatu 35.A
Welcome! :)

Next weekend we are hand graft fair at Helsinki´s WanhaSatama!
Our department is a glass corridor cabinet 104.
Welcome!!! :)

At Hiihtoloma Sture´s butik is stil open normaly for 12-20 o´clock.
Some for new glass beads is received at our store... :P

Today Sture is open normaly at 16-20 0´clock.
Thursday business is closed due to Fair (FORMA).

Idän Helmi net shop works now (I hope) perfectly.
Silver path (Hopeapolku) products comes to net shop at
little by little the next week...

Finalize the trade at the moment ... so the orders recomended done on Saturday!

Next Friday 21.1. Idän Helmi net shop is closed for 6-8 hours during the day an update the trading program!
So do not worry, if you can not go shopping in the day light on friday because after the upgrade the reformed Idän Helmi side by side Silverpath serve customers better and safer! :)

Happy new year to all!!!

Merry Christmas to all!

Sture´s shop is open at
tuesday at 16-20 o´clock
thursday at 12-20 o´clock
With the exception of holidays, and any overlapping exhibitions. They will be posted here separately.

Sture´s shop is open normaly today at 12-20 o´clock.

Sture´s shop is closed at thursday because I am in for Naisten joulumessut 2.-6.12.2010 and Suvi is sick.

It´s thursday... :)  ...doors openin 12-20 o´clock.

The kädentaito fair is in Wanha Satama 18.-19.2010. There we will have all kinds of jewellery and decoration materials and also finished jewelleries. Our fair stand is located in Kabinetti 104, where you can get in through the glass hall (E-lounge).

During the autumn we are going to take part in these three events:

-Helmiplaneetta event at leimailutaivas 4.9.2010, 11-18 o´clock, Aktia Sport Center Masala
-Kädentaito fair at Wanha Satama 18.-19.2010
-Kädentaito fair at messukeskus, pasila, 26.-28.11.2010

We are 7.-8.8. weekend at Intohimona Askartelu fair. Place is Sörnäisten kattilahalli and address for there is Sörnäisten rantatie 22  Helsinki
Welcome!!!  :D

We are 21.-22.8.2010 at 10-18 o´clock to Vantaa Myyrmäkihalli for keeping beading workstation! :D

Email is changed new one is hopeapolku(a)

Today I got to hear that we can go to SUROK cat show July 31 to August 1, 2010 at 10-18 to keep beading workstation! : D
The place is 
Helsingin Jäähalli, Nordenskiöldinkatu 11-13, 00250 Helsinki.

Now you can rent the place where you can made your own jewelry! You can choose guided or self-employment workspace rent.
More information you find at jewellry course...

Today I change ALV to 1%=23%.
I calculation of all items carefully, hoping to able to keep rates unchanged.
Chinese crystal and Seed beads 10/o you find discounts, because I closing these produckt categories if you
if customers do not have anything against it ...

Idän Helmi
exhibition Title changed to B2 for Billnäs handicraft fairs in 2.-4.2010.

Happy midsummer holydays eweryone!!!

Idän Helmi´s own midsummer fair
at end of month!!!
Welcome!!!  :)

To-do thursday
as usual for Sturenkatu 35.A, at 12 to 20 o´clock.


Idän Helmi news transferred to here, a new place in marketing program. I hope you find it now more easily.
My english is rusty, so I used translator program for you. If I translate is some wrong or badly taste... please, can you inform that for me written by email!?

ead challenge winners was resolved to day... you can find more in finnish for here...






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05.Tube curvy bead 26x3mm in 4 metal colours
06.Earring hook with metal bead, all 4 colours
07.Oval jump ring in 1/2 round wire, 1,5x8x5mm, 4 metal colours
08.Lobster clasp 12mm, in three different colours
09.Magnet clasp, in four different colours 9x6mm
10.Earwire with spiral 15mm in 4 metal colours
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